9 Exceptionally Stunning Beaches with a Twist

Many believe, to get away from it all there’s no better way to do so than to walk along a stretch of sand while looking at the ocean. In fact, there is healing power associated with spending time on stunning beaches. Just think of the joy of watching the waves roll in and feeling warm sand beneath your toes. 

Of course, not all beaches are alike. To help you make soul soothing travel plans while keeping you engaged and impressed, we pulled together a list of 10 beaches full of special energy and a unique twist. See if you recognise any of them in the following photos, and find out what makes each special:

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Carmel Point River Beach – GF Henderson

Carmel Beach, California, USA 🇺🇸

Where Lovers Tie the Knot

Crescent shaped Carmel Beach wraps around the peninsula just down the hill from charming Carmel by the Sea. It is not surprising, that especially the stretch around the Point is popular for beach weddings. Ceremonies can take place right on the silky dunes. In the background, wind-carved cypress trees and bluffs topped with quaint cottages frame the iconic seashore. During spring and summer, fog tends to roll in at some point, typical for the Pacific shoreline. But once fall arrives, the weather becomes crisp and clear. Either way, there is something magic about this stretch of land meeting sea. Even dolphins and sea otters love to frolic in the waves, while whales migrate further out. All this makes the beach one of the most stunning destinations along the Central California coast. 

Photo showing the long stretch of stunning Patara Beach on the Turkish Riviera
Patara Beach on the Turkish Riviera – Abdullah Kiyga

Patara Beach, Turkey 🇹🇷

Where a God was Born

Since ancient times, Patara Beach has been steeped in mythology. In fact, legend has it that it is the birthplace of Apollo. More recently, archeological findings show that it served as the most important sea port of the Lycian civilisation around 2000 years ago. Nowadays, this stunning beach is a popular spot for holiday makers. Many of them come for the feel of history still permeating the place. For instance, beach dwellers also enjoy visiting the ancient ruins located nearby. Furthermore, people come for the sand on Patara Beach, which is said to have extraordinary healing powers. As shown above, there is lots of it, too. After all, the beach stretches out an impressive 12 kilometres along the coast of the Turkish Riviera.

Photo showing the white sand of the stunning beach of Le Morne Brabant
Le Morne Brabant Beach – R Pagani

Le Morne Beach, Mauritius 🇲🇺

Where Kiters Go to Soar

Some of the finest coral sand in the world can be found at the foot of Le Morne Brabant mountain. UNESCO added the striking mountain that gave the beach its name to the World Heritage List in 2008. Like a beacon, it rises majestically in the background. As shown in the photo above, it is quite a site to behold. In addition, the peninsula on the western side of the island of Mauritius is world famous for its turquoise waters. This, of course, makes the beach a great place for a wide range of aquatic adventures. Beyond that, visitors enjoy outdoor activities from hiking up the mountain to horseback riding and quad biking along the water. Last but not least, wind and kite surfing are very popular. After all, one of the famous kite schools in Mauritius is located nearby.

Photo showing Whitehaven Beach with people enjoying the white sand and calm water on on of the most stunning beaches in the world
Whitehaven Beach – Slug96

Whitehaven Beach, Australia 🇦🇺

Where Walking Barefoot is Pure Bliss

What makes Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island in Australia so extraordinary is its pristine beach. It is so striking for a reason. The sand consist almost entirely of silica, giving it the balmy white appearance shown above. Besides lending the sand its colour, the silica also does a fantastic job of reflecting the sun. This keeps the beach naturally cool for barefoot revellers even on very hot days. Beyond that, the sand beads turn out to be perfect for exfoliation. This opens up the opportunity for anybody who is so inclined to turn their visit to the beach into a free spa day. Because of all these amazing attributes, there is no surprise that those who get to visit this slice of heaven cannot help but fall in love with it.

Photo showing Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy at low tide
Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy – Maciej

Bay of Fundy, Canada 🇨🇦

Where You Can Rise with the Tide

The Bay of Fundy is located between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, with a small portion touching the U.S. The unusually shaped formation of the Hopewell Rocks shown in the above photo was created by erosion after the retreat of the glaciers following the last ice age. Nowadays, visitors can only walk on the beach around the foot of the formation during low tide due to the extreme tidal range. For this reason, one of the best ways to see this area is by enjoying the tidal difference from a kayak. In fact, visitors are advised to stay for a full tidal cycle to get a full appreciation of the tides and formations. Another great way to experience it all is to do a whale watching tour near the northern part of the Cabot Trail.

Photo showing Giant's Causeway as seen from above looking down.
Look from above onto Giant’s Causeway – poet_4

Giant’s Causeway, Ireland 🇮🇪

Where Legends about Giants Were Born

Those lucky to experience the magic of Giant’s Causeway tend to find that it is one of the most stunning beaches in Ireland, if not the world. In fact, it is so unique in its appearance that it is hard to believe it was naturally formed. After all, the perfectly hexagonal columns along massed together at the water’s edge, are what makes this stretch of coastline so special. In fact, it’s such an amazing sight to behold that the beach became popular among tourists after the opening of the Giant’s Causeway Tramway in the 19th century. Luckily, the National Trust removed the last vestiges of commercialism after it took over its care in the 1960s. Nowadays, visitors can enjoy walking over the basalt columns at the edge of the sea, beautifully returned to their natural state.

Photo showing Sea of Stars Bioluminescence at night
Sea of Stars Bioluminescence – MBP

Vaadhoo Beach, Maldives 🇲🇻

Where the Sea Sparkles at Night

The magical beach of Vaadhoo Island (Raa Atoll) truly glows in the dark at certain times of the year. Indeed, incredibly luminescent waves seem to reflect the starry sky around the island out in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Phytoplankton, a set of small marine life forms in the plankton, causes this phenomena. In essence, it synthesises organic matter using solar radiation as energy. The resulting ‘sea of stars’ illumination is especially awe inspiring on clear nights when the moon is not too bright. For this reason, many visitors choose to take a night-time stroll along the beach to see the bioluminescence up close. Others opt for a guided boat tour to witness the natural wonder right from the water.

Photo showing a landscape of the city of Biarritz and the Atlantic Ocean
Biarritz and the Atlantic Ocean – Florian Pépellin

Biarritz Beach, France 🇫🇷

Where a Princess Loved to Bathe

Biarritz, with the Atlantic Ocean wrapping around it as shown above, boasts a natural vastness unusual for most European beach resorts. In turn, it has not just one but six beaches to choose from. Each is great in its own right. Some are perfect for swimming or surfing. Others are ideal for sitting at a café sipping an ice-cold glass of rosé as the sun sets. Regardless of which beach you visit, the views are always stunning. Biarritz became renowned in 1854 when Empress Eugenie (the wife of Napoleon III) built a palace right on the beach (now the Hôtel du Palais). Since that time, French and British royalty have flocked there to enjoy the stunning beaches as well as the Basque-influenced cuisine for which the region is renowned.

photo showing Navagio Beach from the cliff above
Navagio Beach – dronepicr

Navagio Beach, Greece 🇬🇷

Where Homer had Odysseus Stay

Navagio (or Shipwreck) Beach on Zakynthos island is probably the best-known and most beautiful stretch of sand in Greece. This is no small feat, given all the stunning beaches Greece has to offer. The little cove surrounded by towering limestone cliffs also offers the added benefit of featuring the rusting remains of an old shipwreck. Already ancient Greek poet Homer mentioned Zakynthos in the Iliad as well as the Odyssey, telling about the adventures of the son of King Dardanos and his men on the island. Nowadays, it is a popular destination best reached by ship. The waters around Navagio often seem to emit an electric light blue colour because of the numerous sulphurous caves around the beach, adding a special flair.

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