8 US Cities Famous for Great Nightlife

The following 8 cities all stand out for their great nightlife. Great aspects they all have in common are amazing restaurants across a wide range of culinary delights, packed bars, happening clubs, as well as plenty of live entertainment, all available till late for the night owls among us.

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See if you recognise any of the 8 US cities featuring great nightlife in the following photos, before reading up on what makes each tantalising to check out at night.

Photo showing the Strip in Las Vegas,  one of 8 US Cities with Great Nightlife
The Strip in Las Vegas – Dietmar Rabich

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas of course makes it to the top of the list. Restaurants are indeed open late, bars are always packed until the early morning hours, and happening clubs offering plenty of live entertainment all night long. It definitely is a a great place if you like to stay out late. This is also a key factor that Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities in world. Beyond that, what makes this famous city unique, are its abundance of casinos as shown in the photo above. Another unique attraction are the replicas of famous buildings from around the globe. Among them the Sphinx, Eiffel Tower, and Taj Mahal to name just a few. Even if you aren’t big on the expensive night scene, you can find something cool to do in Vegas after dark. One inexpensive option is a Las Vegas night tour.

Photo showing Times Square in New York City, one of 8 US Cities with Great Nightlife
Times Square in New York

New York City, New York

The City that Never Sleeps

Many are surprised to find out that New York, actually shutters its windows around 3 AM. Not to worry, though, the city notwithstanding deserves its top ranking among our 8 US cities with great nightlife. This is because boutique bars, rollicking rooftops, and glitzy clubs will keep you wonderfully entertained until closing time. One, PHD Rooftop Lounge at Dream Downtown is a NYC hotspot with 12th-floor skyline views that dreams are made of. Another, Mr. Purple, promises a great aerial view from the 15th floor of Hotel Indigo at night. Then there is the Wiggle Room for innovative cocktails after dinner. Thereafter, you can head to Somewhere Nowhere for a night swim in the rooftop pool. Other night entertainment options include a stop over at the The Blond or a dance at Little Sister Lounge.

Photo showing Chicago at Night, one of 8 US Cities with Great Nightlife
Chicago at Night – Diego Delso

Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City full of Night Life that Blows You Away

Chicago is a juggernaut boasting side-splitting comedy nights, late night boat parties on Lake Michigan, and events year round that will keep you up past bedtime. For instance, you can combine your love for beer and comedy at The Second City, which has dispensed laughs since 1959. Or you can catch the latest blockbuster while enjoying a cold one at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, where draft beers and handcrafted cocktails are delivered right to your seat. Of course, you can also have whiskey late at night. For instance, The Berkshire RoomRebel & Rhye, and Delilah’s have you covered. Last but not least, Chicago’s rooftops deserve a mention as lounges like LondonHouse ChicagoCindy’s, and IO Godfrey promise classy cocktails and late night views that money can’t buy.

Photo showing Bourbon Street in New Orleans getting ready for its nightlife
Bourbon Street – Chris Litherland

New Orleans, Louisiana

The City that lets the Good Times Roll Day and Night

Some may think New Orleans only knows how to party during Mardi Gras. But this Louisiana city keeps the fun going all year round and all night long. This is why it cannot be missing in the list of the 8 US cities with great nightlife. For one, the city’s world-famous French Quarter is unlike any other. From the Bourbon Street clubs and historic bars to craft cocktail lounges and lush cabarets, there is plenty to discover at night. Another phenomena unique to this city is its dazzling display of originality even more tantalising at night. Plus, some sites are even open 24 hours for the all nighter that keeps on going. This and much more makes New Orleans a mighty provider of fun entertainment all night long.

Photo showing Night Life in the Sixth Street Historic District in Downtown Austin
Night Life in the Sixth Street Historic District in Downtown Austin – Kevin Payravi

Austin, Texas

The Live Music Capital of the World®

Of course, Austin cannot be missing from our list of 8 US cities featuring great nightlife entertainment. As illustrated in the above photo, it is world famous for its hundreds of live music venues and some of the premier music festivals in the country. Certainly the best know is South by Southwest. SXSW Lounges, Parties, and other events provide ample opportunity to meet with other creatives from around the world while enjoying complimentary food all night long. Beyond being famous for its music, the city has also started to promote another motto. “Keep Austin Weird” has been popping up on bumper stickers and T-shirts since the early 2000s. It is intended to promote Austin’s eccentricity and diversity, as well as bolster support of unique businesses serving the community day and night.

Photo showing Florida International University at night
The Graham University Center and Green Library at Sunset – DaveBenRoberts

Miami, Florida

Any Night is a Good Night

Miami‘s slogan “Any Day is a Good Day” can also be appropriated for the city’s nightlife. After all, the city’s famous party spirit doesn’t stop after sunset. The most notorious among the city’s many events is the Ultra Music Festival. It’s a three day and night festival that includes the most famous DJs in the music industry. People from around the world flock to Miami every March to be part of the event. It is therefore not surprising, that the show sells out almost every single year. So be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible if you plan on attending. Another thing the city is famous for is the party spirit of its international student body. For instance, Florida International University shown in the photo above, is extremely popular because of the dynamic nightlife including raging parties almost any night of the week. 

Photo showing the Hollywood sign in one of the top 8 US Cities with Great Nightlife
Hollywood Sign in Las Angeles – Gnaphron

Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels

Of course, Los Angeles cannot be missing from our list of 8 US Cities with Great Nightlife either. And what is a better image for its entertainment than the Hollywood sign? After all, the Academy Awards in Hollywood are the most important event in the film and entertainment industry. Since 1929, actors, directors, and other filmmakers have dreamed of walking down the red carpet at the Oscars. And since then, the world has been watching the glamorous ceremony. But even beyond Hollywood, Los Angeles sets a standard for world-class nightlife with extravagant clubs boasting famous clientele. In fact, venues spare no expense to draw the hottest crowds, and promoters work tirelessly to book top international DJs and music headliners to entertain party-goers every night.

Photo showing Pike Place Market at night
Pike Place Market in Seattle – Postdlf

Seattle, WA

Seattle may seem a bit of an odd choice for one of the 8 US cities with great nightlife on our list. This is, until you think of Grunge. After all, Grunge is an alternative rock genre and subculture that emerged during the mid-1980s in the American Pacific Northwest and particularly in Seattle. This is why it is sometimes referred to as the Seattle sound. In addition, Seattle has the best nightlife in all of Washington State thanks to its quirky late-night activities. Besides the prevalent live music venues, there are many famous comedy shows, as well as great food in restaurants that are open till late at night.

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